Maybe It’s Me

It never seems to be your season. For some reason, your boss never holds more than a 2 minute conversation with you, your co-workers never invite you to lunch and you get looked over for promotions.

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Is your child next? This was the most recent cover of JET Magazine. Showing yet another one of our children murdered. Read more and let’s talk through how we can focus on what’s best for our children.


Tested, Tried….FAILED!

You never know who you are until you are face to face with a situation. Then you shall see if you are what you’ve been saying you are.  I think its healthy for us to have these situations.  How else will we know what we are made of?  Sometimes we think we are stronger or over certain […]

Holiday Turkey

Healthy Eating for the Hoildays

  Cakes, pies, cookies and candy. The holidays are a time of feasting upon a variety of foods, including sweets. You don’t have to avoid all of your favorite treats during the holidays. Just remember to do portion control. Desserts can be a part of a healthful diet when enjoyed in moderation. If you are […]


Tis the Season to Rest not Stress

No sleeping- tossing and turning, midnight emotionally eating, motherly duties, Christmas shopping or lack thereof; all of these a major causes for stress especially when the picture your mind is seeing is that of despair and frustration and not of hope and rest. The choice is always ours but what do we do with it? […]

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6 Quick Party Tips to Get You Through The Holiday Season Fit & Fabulous

So sistas are stressin’ out because we did it big for Thanksgiving and some of us are paying the price. Don’t fret. The holiday season is meant to be full of good tidings and cheer, not stress and and anguish. With all the party invites how can a girl have fun and fit into her […]