5 tips to Keep You Motivated and Out of Debt


Like losing weight, getting out of debt can be a long and toilsome process.  However, piling on debt is easier than piling on the pounds.  There aren’t any quick and easy fixes, so I’ve listed 5 … [Read more...]

What Do You Think? Do Poor People Have It Too Good?


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You Have Less Than You Think


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How to Create a Digital Vision Board


The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision. ~ Helen Keller Very few of us set goals for goal setting's sake. Presumably, we're working towards something - a … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Distracted by Misguided Money Advice


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Frugality Basics


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Are you generous or spineless?


The likelihood of us becoming close friends is inversely related to your propensity to hassle me. Words generally used to describe me are “smart,” “sarcastic” and just plain ol’ … [Read more...]

Why Your Prayers Are Powerless Over Your Money


For a while I wondered if I should discuss religion. After all, our religious beliefs, or lack thereof, can strongly influence the way we manage our money. Still, religion is a sensitive issue. … [Read more...]

20 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Money


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