Why are you so ANGRY?


I've always aligned myself with the philosophy that letting your anger and frustration out was better than holding it in.  Think about it, if you allow your stress and daily pressure to well up … [Read more...]

Love You or Lose You


Recently, I had a conversation with one of my closest girlfriends.  The fact that she's one of my closest friends is not incidental.  It's important because that means that she and I are so close … [Read more...]

Your Actions Speak So Loud!

Cell Phone Blues

My mama used to say "your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying"!  At the time, it infuriated me to hear her spout those words.  But, now, I see that truer words were never … [Read more...]

Maybe It’s Me


It never seems to be your season.  For some reason, your boss never holds more than a two minute conversation with you.  Your co-workers never invite you to lunch and you get looked over for … [Read more...]

Maybe I Should Have Given Him Some?


It is 10:45pm and I am beyond tired.  I am TI-RED!  As I slip into my bed and find that sweet spot on my pillow, my husband gently kisses my ear and whispers his request for some “extra time”.  … [Read more...]

Forever Friends


We all have girlfriends.  Girlfriends you shop with.  Girls you gossip with, girlfriends you party with and girlfriends you pray with.  I have been fortunate enough to have one friend that I can … [Read more...]

I CAN’T Take Time For Myself!


I know you.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  I’m talking to you girlfriend.  I know you.  You’re his wife, their mother, your boss’s employee, your mother’s child and your best … [Read more...]

I Want to Look Like That


Have you seen her?  Her body is chiseled out of bricks from heaven.  She is expertly clothed with a black pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, long strands of pearls, patterned tights, platform leather … [Read more...]

Wait ‘Till They See Your Smile


Okay, picture this.  It is 2:00pm on a laid back Saturday afternoon.  You and your girlfriends have just eaten lunch.  Collectively, you decide that you're in need of a little retail therapy.  … [Read more...]

Respect Your Wisdom Warriors

Image Credit: Sweet Honey in The Rock

When I was twelve I started writing notes in class.  I would put all my sixth grade business in these notes.  This guy is cute, his friend is cuter, that girl is lame, her friend is even more … [Read more...]