All Lean…No Bulk


Weight training is an important part of a good balanced exercise program, yet so many women opt for cardio activities in fear of “bulking up” from lifting weights.   When working with women one … [Read more...]

To Train or NOT to Train…that is the QUESTION

Woman Lifting Weights

Oftentimes, when people think of getting in shape or losing weight, one of the first options is personal training.  So, we go out to the gym and find a personal trainer who’s right for us, pay them … [Read more...]

Order of Operations: What I Learned After Being Hit by a Car…


I remember the day that I was hit by a car. I was a freshman in high school and it is still very clear to me. It was the day that I began to understand that there is such a thing as karma and divine … [Read more...]

Who needs a gym when you have a home?


As women, we have so many hang ups that keep us from joining a gym. Oftentimes, gyms are intimidating and expensive.  If the buffed up men aren’t eyeing you through the mirror then you have to … [Read more...]

Song of Inspiration: Someone by Musiq


Lyrical Snippet Someone who will put up with the things Loving me can bring … [Read more...]

Song of Inspiration: The Trouble With Love Is by Kelly Clarkson


It’s late evening and raining.  I am riding in the passenger seat, looking out the window at nothing in particular.  A SUV in front veers on the shoulder and splashes in a puddle of water. … [Read more...]

What New Year’s Resolution??


Its officially February…one month in the New Year has already passed.  Many of us made our New Year’s Resolutions…most of which had something to do with losing weight, getting in shape, or … [Read more...]

Song of Inspiration: Stay with You by John Legend


Lyrical Snippet Oh I'll stay with you through the ups and the downs Oh I'll stay with you when no one else is around And when the dark clouds arrive I will stay by your side I know we'll be … [Read more...]

What Chapter of Your Life Are You On?


Take responsibility for your actions and results If you were to look over the last five years of your life, is it drastically different from where you are today? Does it seem like nothing really … [Read more...]

The Super Food of the World – The Benefits of Wheat Grass


I first learned the benefits of Wheat Grass when I started to drink a vegetable drink called Green Vibrance. I’m not big on vegetables, but I knew I needed to eat more of them to stay healthy. … [Read more...]