Tested, Tried….FAILED!


You never know who you are until you are face to face with a situation. Then you shall see if you are what you've been saying you are.  I think its healthy for us to have these situations.  How … [Read more...]

Road to Nineveh

Road to Nineveh

The road you've avoided this whole time is the road you must travel.  These are words we don't want to hear....EVER.  Why cant life be easy?  Take my advise.  Don't ever ask that question. Some … [Read more...]

Not Today.


Get your tissues girls.... This is tear jerker. No more tears from this end...just frustration, anguish and disappointments.  Behind it all there is a light, there is something greater at the … [Read more...]

While You Wait…


Patience.  Its defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.  The part most of us have trouble with is that last piece..without getting … [Read more...]

You Deserve It!


Take a look at your life. Do you treat yourself well?  How do you keep your home?  How do you look when you leave the house? All of these things are direct correlations to how you really … [Read more...]

I Want To Lose Weight…So I should sleep more?


So I hear sleep is good for weight loss... Experts say getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night is essential to those of us that are trying to reduce in size. Seems strange...why would sleeping … [Read more...]

Does Curly = Pretty?


  So this is my hair...     I dont know what type it is....some say 3c others 4a...needless to say I  really dont care.  Lets just say that I hear a phrase along this line … [Read more...]

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Miracles Still Happen/Reboot Your Life Day 2


Have you ever felt hopeless?  I’m sure we have all felt that way once in our lives.  At work, me and my students had the awesome opportunity to raise a monarch butterfly from its chrysalis (or … [Read more...]

Take a Look at Yourself


 I need to eat a bowl of self esteem every morning.  Have you ever thought you had a great sense of self until you are confronted with a situation just to find out that you may not feel so good … [Read more...]

Key to Hair Growth


Want long hair?  Yeah most people do.  Want the secret to growing long hair?  Come closer.   All you have to do is...... … [Read more...]