6 Quick Party Tips to Get You Through The Holiday Season Fit & Fabulous

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So sistas are stressin' out because we did it big for Thanksgiving and some of us are paying the price. Don't fret. The holiday season is meant to be full of good tidings and cheer, not stress and and … [Read more...]

Not Today.


Get your tissues girls.... This is tear jerker. No more tears from this end...just frustration, anguish and disappointments.  Behind it all there is a light, there is something greater at the … [Read more...]

So Natural, So Spiritual…


Sometimes the decisions we make have more meaning than for the natural realm, there is spiritual significance to a lot of our choices as well, like my going natural for instance. It was more than just … [Read more...]

Does Curly = Pretty?


  So this is my hair...     I dont know what type it is....some say 3c others 4a...needless to say I  really dont care.  Lets just say that I hear a phrase along this line … [Read more...]

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Some Helpful Hints to Combat Fitness Hair

Fitness Hair 2

Sisters are baffled with having to choose between keeping their hairdos tight or keeping their bodies tight. We all know that a relaxer is not meant to be shampooed on a daily basis.  Here are a few … [Read more...]

Key to Hair Growth


Want long hair?  Yeah most people do.  Want the secret to growing long hair?  Come closer.   All you have to do is...... … [Read more...]

Shaunie O’neal and her 7 Must Haves at ChineseLaundry Shoes!!


Check-out Shaunie O'Neal and her 7 Must Haves at ChineseLaundry.com today! Save 20% off Shaunie's Must Haves with code SHAUNIE20, through 7/22. … [Read more...]



Hats off to the super curly ladies who have decided to explore their natural texture!  I got my first relaxer when I was at least twelve years old, and until I transitioned, forgot what my natural … [Read more...]

GoodSister! Rynai-Alex


GoodSisters! is a new feature for SistersSpace.  In this column, we will feature black women that provide inspiration  and motivation.  From philanthropists, stay at home moms to entertainers we … [Read more...]

I Want to Look Like That


Have you seen her?  Her body is chiseled out of bricks from heaven.  She is expertly clothed with a black pencil skirt, crisp white blouse, long strands of pearls, patterned tights, platform leather … [Read more...]