National Picnic Month


  Everyone is familiar with Independence Day on July 4th is celebrated during the month of July but alot of us do not know that it is also National Picnic Month.  We have all come to … [Read more...]

Father’s Day and the Single Mother: It is not your Day!

happy father's day card

A friend of mine posted this image on his Facebook page and I really wasn’t sure how to feel about it.  I understand first-hand the rigors of being a single parent and understand why one would want … [Read more...]

This will bring tears to your Eyes–MUST READ


             After reading this, I pray you will walk in the humility that is needed for this season.          After so much praying, commitment to reading God's Word and … [Read more...]

A Word from God Can Save a Life


Proverbs 12:25- An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.   It was an ordinary Sunday serving on the Church Children's Ministry, so I thought. And we actually … [Read more...]

What are your kids listening to?


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being in the car with kids. These kids knew the words to every song on the radio. Drake . Check. Nicki Minaj. Check. Wacka Flacka. Check. You name … [Read more...]

STEM: Better than Self-Esteem


In order to help our kids succeed, we’ve been trying to boost their self-esteem. We tell them that they’re beautiful and special, and that they deserve the best. We tell them that God made them … [Read more...]

Ring in the New Year 2012 with the African Heritage Diet Pyramid


This is the month to start New Year resolutions such eating healthy, losing weight, stop eating out every day and cook more at home.  I had the chance of being invited to a nutritional webinar from … [Read more...]

Surviving the Holidays (and any other time of the year!)


If you are that person who got their shopping done back in September - I can't hate on you but if you are like me and am waiting until the last minute to do your shopping, this entry is for you. … [Read more...]

Taken for Granted

Smiling Family Posing in Field

Many of you may be able to attest to the loss of special loved ones. I have experienced many losses over my 30 years which would include the loss of my sister, my grandparents(both sets of maternal … [Read more...]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


This is my favorite time of the year.  Why? Christmas Shopping!!!! Before you start telling me about the true meaning of Christmas, I know and I love and celebrate the birth of Jesus.  But I can’t … [Read more...]