Rediscovering your hometown

After leaving home at 18 to attend college for the first time and making the decision at that time not to return to my hometown due to some family issues, I have rediscovered that I miss my hometown, located in the central part of the state.  Don’t get me wrong, living where I am now has its advantages: professional sports teams, revitalized arts area in the center city, close to the mountains and the beach.  But nothing can pull at you like revisiting your hometown as an adult without the burden of teenage angst.

I was in my hometown for a three day convention and my husband joined me later in the week.  After the last session, we had some free time, as we were not leaving until the next day.  I wanted to see one of the places that I lived as a child and wanted to show my husband the various places where I grew up. My hometown has grown, both in size and in population. They too have a professional sports team, but the main sports viewing is on the college level, as they have three Division I schools within 50 mile radius of each other. He got to see my high school Alma Mater, the apartments on the southwest side where I first started school, and a tour of the  suburb of my hometown.

I will be back in town in April for another convention. I hope to find that great BBQ restaurant will still be in its location in the downtown area, to visit my sister who did not move away, and to rediscover more of what made my hometown what it is.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I have complete empathy with you on the subject of leaving and returning. When you have lived in a place for most of your life and leave for reasons not necessarily under the best of circumstances, it’s is bitter sweet to return. We all know, “there’s no place like home”, even if for only a few days.

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