How to Create a Digital Vision Board

Digital Vision Board

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision. ~ Helen Keller

Very few of us set goals for goal setting’s sake. Presumably, we’re working towards something – a predefined end.

One of the main reasons people abandon their goals is due to loss of motivation. We experience a minor setback and lose focus of why we embarked on a get out of debt or start a business or stay at home with babies or [fill in personal goal here] plan in the first place.

Why You Should Create a Digital Vision Board

Put simply, to inspire you to stay motivated. A vision board is a visual depiction of your dreams and goals.

Back in the day, people completed the painstaking task of thumbing thru numerous magazines for inspirational photos. There was cutting and pasting and cardboard. It was an entire production really.

Well that’s over now. Welcome to the 2000teensies.

An electronic visual board is portable, free, as well as, easy to create and update. Vision board software is unnecessary. All you need to do is select your images and insert them into Microsoft PowerPoint (if you already have it) or Google Presentations which works almost just as well.

Basic Guidelines for Your Vision Board

Only include your visions. Randomly select any three vision boards and you’ll likely find three things: an itty-bitty sports car, clear Caribbean waters, and an enormous house. While you’re creating your vision board don’t even look at any one else’s. Sometimes other people’s aspirations remind us of the things we should want. As awesome as it’d be to eradicate AIDS in Africa, I have no desire to do so. I don’t feel called to do such a thing, and I’m not gonna clutter my vision with stuff that makes me feel guilty.

Do not forget this. Any goal that isn’t at the forefront of your mind is unimportant.

Make the pictures large enough so you can see them. Isn’t that the point of this whole exercise anyway? You need to be able to see your vision. You can’t do that when your images are microscopic. If you can’t visualize yourself stepping into each photo on your vision board, then the pictures are too small. Make ‘em bigger.

Be realistic. If you can’t imagine living in a 40,000 square foot house while penniless and unemployed, then don’t put that monstrosity on your vision board. You can and should update it as you achieve your goals. But, like goals, your vision board must reflect the attainable. Otherwise, you’ll feel overwhelmed and quit.

Don’t spend a dime on images. If your vision board can’t be completed with photos you’ve taken, fill in the blanks with photos from the web. You’re not distributing or publishing it, so don’t limit yourself to creative commons images. Find the image you want to pilfer, right click, save image as, and BAM! Instant free photo. Oooor, check out the following sites for free images:

Use photos that appeal to the senses. Perfectly manicured pictures won’t evoke the carnal reactions we’re aiming for. For instance, let’s say you actually do want to leave Fargo, North Dakota for the pristine beaches of San Diego, California. A photo of your toes in the sand is more likely to arouse an emotional response than a picture of some lawns chairs and an umbrella in the sand.

  • You need to taste the fresh nutmeg in that rum punch.
  • You need to feel the cool conditioned air on your skin when you enter your trendy, Manhattan loft on a hot summer night.
  • You need to hear your children laughing and giggling while they play in your backyard.

Got it?

Don’t exclude the things you have now. If you really like wine and cheese, go ahead and put it on your vision board. As your situation changes (for the better), you’ll be able to do more of what you already enjoy.

Your vision board doesn’t have to be perfect. This isn’t a school project. Your creativity will earn you no gold stars. So, git ‘er done and start looking at ‘er.

A vision board is just one piece of the puzzle in realizing your dreams. Your next step – ACTION.

What tools or tricks do you use to stay motivated?

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  1. Patricia says:

    Shawanda, while I agree with much of what you’ve said there’s one statement you make that goes against the majority of documentation and articles regarding vision boards.

    You say not to put on your vision board those things you do not believe you can attain. That absolutely goes against the act of faith that you put behind your desires.

    There’s a perfect example of how Jim Carrey carried around a check he wrote to himself for $10 million well before he’d made one movie. He carried it around for years as a reminder of his goal. Fast forward as many already know the story, but he buried that check with his father because they dreamed that dream, visualized that vision together. I believe it was Dumb and Dumber exceeded that then seemingly ridiculous goal.

    The use of a vision board is that we clearly decide what we want for our lives, release it to the universe and it’s not our job to worry about HOW we will get it. That’s the setback. To get caught up in the how and the worries of how long it will take, and not having the right connections or enough money.

    Now I don’t know what your current vision board may look like but if you went into it with this feeling, I suggest maybe you should consider reading The Power or watching The Secret, both by Rhonda Byrne, to release some of your limiting beliefs so that your desires and manifestations can become even greater than I’m sure they already are!

    Our only limitations are those we impose on ourselves by our beliefs. The next Tiger Woods (the good parts) might be sleeping in the projects tonight and yet he (or she) still deserves to dream bigger than I hope to have a comfortable bed to sleep in one day. That’s far too small.

    You get my drift. Comments?

  2. Shawanda says:

    Jim Carrey wrote that $10 million check to himself because he absolutely believed he’d get paid that some day.

    The point I was trying to make was that you should include visions and goals that you believe in. Not what other people can believe, what you can believe. SMART goals are attainable. You won’t accomplish a goal unless you believe in it anyway. So, putting it on a vision board likely won’t do much good but to discourage you from taking action because, well, what’s the point of doing anything if you’re convinced you won’t accomplish your goal? Why not reach for something that’s realistic for you? It’s not my call to say what you can or can’t do. You determine that. However, if you don’t think you can accomplish a particular goal, then set one that you believe you can, accomplish it, and set a new, loftier goal.

  3. Vivian says:

    Hey, love the conversation! My understanding of vision board is put all your desires up there (whether you think you can believe in them or not) as a reminder of what you want. Looking at the images helps us raise our belief that they can happen – since you are looking at real images. I practice Law of Attraction daily and love the digital vision board. I made one with PowerPoint and look at it every day :-) It’s all good, right! Just keep believing and keep desiring – it’s the only way to live :-)

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