March Into a New Frame of Mind

Okay. So March is here, and Spring is right around the corner. What are your plans as we go into this “new” part of the year?

I am absolutely ecstatic that Winter is over this year.  For some reason it seemed to be so very dreary, and non-productive for me. Yes,  I did do perfectly fine at my home business. Yes, I did enjoy the Holidays. But for some reason, there was just something missing. As I sat here contemplating about what it was that was missing, I heard a bird sing outside. I walked outside to feel a cool but gentle breeze flow across my face. As I looked up into the “almost” perfectly blue skies, I realized at that moment what it was. It was almost Spring. That time of year when everything is renewing itself.

I live in Florida, so my Spring tends to come a bit sooner, and yes, it is warmer year-round here than in most locations in the US. However, it is all relevant to your perspective. We do have good weather MOST of the year, but there are a couple of months out of the year (in North Central Florida) that we have Non-Floridian weather and absolutely crave and pray for our sunshine to come back (really). We do loose our leaves here, and the flowering bushes do loose their flowers. Actually, being in Florida, I find that to be quite depressing. We should have greenery and colors all year round. Shouldn’t we?

When one can smell the fresh dew in the morning, see just a hint of green (non-pollen) on the trees, count the buds on the newly awakening azaleas, and see the delight on everyone’s faces as they jog by you as you head for work in your car…you know Spring is in the air. Spring is not officially until March 20th, but that can’t stop God’s Glory from spreading all throughout not only the land, but our head’s and hearts. There’s just something about the warmth of the sun in the early Spring as compared to the sun just shining in mid-Winter. Studies have actually shown that the warmth of the sun accompanied with the colors of Spring get our juices flowing and give us energy. So take some of that newly found energy and put it to use before Spring actually shows up and your schedule gets so busy with kids and sports, husbands and their requests, errands, jobs, and other people in your life in need of your “extra” time. Take a moment each morning, or early in the evening during this very special time of year to just walk outside, take a deep breath, and get into a new frame of mind. Get set for the rest of your life, and know that it is a miracle that you made it to see this wonderful phenomenon called Spring.

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