Maybe It’s Me

It never seems to be your season.  For some reason, your boss never holds more than a two minute conversation with you.  Your co-workers never invite you to lunch and you get looked over for promotions.  You’re prompt every morning.  You do exemplary work.  You’re cordial to all of your work associates and you don’t take so much as a staple from the office that doesn’t belong to you.  What are you doing wrong?  Why aren’t they recognizing your potential?  Why aren’t they rewarding you for being steadfast, proficient and efficient?

I can answer all of those questions for you.  You’re square.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  Yes, I’m talking to you.  You’re a square, an “L” “7”, a spaz, a nerd, a bore.  Use whatever colloquialism you like, you’re just not fun.  Ever sit at a business lunch and count the tiles on the floor because the person you’re eating with is as fun as getting your eyebrows waxed?  Yeah, well…you’re that person.

We all know how you became this way.  You realized that as a woman of color in the workplace (a double minority) that you needed to be better than your female and male counterparts.  You were striving  for perfection while others were hobnobbing at the bar.  You put in long hours on Saturday when others were playing the back nine.  You learned to perfect everything except the art of conversation and fun.

All work and no play makes Keisha, Kim, LaTonya and Quita a dull girl.  I can help.  Check out these tips:

1.  You don’t have to have your nose to the grindstone all day every day.  Indulge in a little water cooler conversation.  Co-workers and employers like to know that there is a “human” side to you.

2.  Chat about neutral topics like weather, television shows and sports.  NEVER discuss religion or politics.

3.  Go out to lunch with your co-workers every once in a while.  What’s a little calamari between co-workers?

4.  Think about it…you spend a lot of time with your employers and your co-workers…make the most out of it!

Until next time, get to know someone like there is no next time!

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