Do You Have A Highlander Mentality?

It was going to be the perfect article.  I had a brainstorm of inspiration while reading the news and decided to get my little fingers a-writing.  But I had a few things to do and one hour led to another, and then it was time for bed. The next morning, while perusing one of my favorite blogs, I realized that someone had beaten me to the punch.  There was my perfect article in all of its glory – but I didn’t write it.  Someone else had been inspired, too.  While this could easily be a treatise against procrastination (and that is something I need to work on), it’s actually about that green-eyed monster – jealousy.  When I read the article, I was jealous.  How dare she read the same thing as I, get the same inspiration as I, and pull the words our of my brain, posting them for all the world to see?  And then, the voice of wisdom spoke to me, as He often does: “You’re not a Highlander, you know.”

Highlander is a science fiction movie that came out in 1986, with a television series that followed.  The premise is that one man, Duncan McCleod, learns about the Highlanders because he is one.  Highlanders are immortals, and they carry great power.  They live forever unless they are killed, and they can only be killed by being decapitated.  When one Highlander kills another, the killer gains the power of the victim.  This power accumulates with every kill.  The last Highlander standing will have the power to rule the earth.  Because of this, almost every Highlander in existence is actively hunting down and killing the others.  The Highlander motto is:  There can be only one.

So what does that have to do with my perfect article?  There are so many times in life where I find myself acting as though I’m a Highlander, as if there can be only one.  As if every time someone has an idea that is similar to mine, or does something I wish I was doing, or have even done, that there is some sort of power that I lose.  Sometimes, it even works in reverse.  I gloat when I do things that others can’t.  In either case, I’m in the wrong.  My focus is off.  Humans are not Highlanders.  Our gifts don’t come from tearing one another down, our gifts come from God, and He gives them freely.  Furthermore, it’s essential that there is “more than one” person using the gifts.  All truth, all beauty, all wisdom, and all love come directly from our Father and it is our job to fill the world to overflowing with what we’ve been given.  In this particular instance, someone wrote an article.  Rather than sulking because she wrote one, my job is to write one too.  Wisdom needs to be shared over and over and over again.  There is no such thing as too much truth.  If only one person was allowed to share a message, the message would die.  Even Christ chose 12 and sent them out, telling them that they would do even greater things than He.  If anyone had a right to believe “there can be only one”, it was Him!

In essence, if Jesus didn’t have a Highlander mentality, then I don’t have the right to have one either.  When I see people using the gifts that I have, it’s just a reminder that I need to jump in and use mine, too.  Instead of a jealous bystander, I am invited to become a contributor.  There isn’t “only one.”  There are many. The world depends on it.

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