Your Actions Speak So Loud!

My mama used to say “your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear a word you’re saying”!  At the time, it infuriated me to hear her spout those words.  But, now, I see that truer words were never spoken.  In my book, it is such a turn-off/let down/disappointment when folks SAY they’re going to do something and don’t actually DO anything!  This statement is applicable in so many situations.  But, for now, let’s just focus on romantic relationships.

You meet a brother that appears to have his head on straight and you begin dating him.  After several dates, you’ve come to realize that what he says and what is reality are two totally different things.  You shrug it off thinking that you don’t want to ruin this good thing.  I can understand that.  But, don’t set yourself up for failure.  He has forgotten his wallet one too many times, you’ve never been to his home and his car has rental plates on it.  Hmmm…that doesn’t align with:  “I own two homes and three vehicles”.  What is going on?  Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this but, not only is a liar but, you’re ignorant.  Yes you…just as ignorant as a preschooler on their first day of Kindergarten.  Meaning…you know a little but, not enough!  Pay attention!  He’s telling you who he really is.  Listen to sound of his actions instead of watching the words coming out of his soft lips (uh huh).

Here are the tips:

1.  Pay attention to the things people do.  Don’t listen to what they say.  Their actions are like a flashlight shining light onto their true selves.

2.  Ask questions.  HELLO!  Are you not going to ask why he can’t seem to remember his wallet?  Don’t you think that is unusual?

3.  Be selective.  If you like what you hear and not what you see…PEACE OUT!

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