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When it comes to the entertainment business, Donahue Tuitt “gets don 2 it”.  This multi-award-winning filmmaker is an entertainment powerhouse.  Comfortable both in front of the camera and behind, he has successfully written, directed, and produced 2 independent films through his company, Lighted Pathway Productions.  He has also produced several television shows, including BET’s Sunday Best and The Family Crews.  But he’s not all about entertainment – at heart, he’s a teacher.

The New York native has a doctoral degree in education from the University of Southern California.  His classroom teaching experience includes 7th grade history and the U.S.C. Masters and Doctorate programs.  His films are his own brand of continuing education, moving from the classroom to the world.  Of film, he says, “This business is an extension of education and has the power to shape the minds of millions.”

Tuitt has received several industry awards.  The latest came in 2007, when he was awarded the Diversity Fellowship by the National Association of Television Program Executives. Although he’s experienced a lot of success, he still takes time to show others the way. Never one to forget where it all began, he spends time in his family’s homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, teaching screenwriting workshops and bolstering the fledgling movie industry there. At a recent Trinidad and Tobago film festival, he taught eager new artists how to format screenplays in order to be taken seriously in Hollywood; and encouraged them to use their Caribbean worldview to create compelling stories that add a unique perspective to American film.

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Although the accolades are nice and Tuitt enjoys the process, he makes his films for an audience of One.  He is well aware of the source of his gifts and the reason for his success.  From the name of his production company, which comes from Proverbs 4:18, to the basketball chant “I can do all things” from his film, Matchups, everything he does carries the stamp of his faith.

“If God doesn’t get the glory, I’d rather not see it done.” – Donahue Tuitt


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