Surviving the Holidays (and any other time of the year!)

If you are that person who got their shopping done back in September – I can’t hate on you but if you are like me and am waiting until the last minute to do your shopping, this entry is for you.

There are many people who have given advice on how to remain stress free during this time of the year. Let me give you some tips that I have learned over the years for surviving this time of year.

1. Give up the dream of the “perfect Christmas” it does not exist. Family members will not change into the loving family that is shown on television, nor family feuds will disappear just because it is the holidays. Please use your energy to do something good for you or for someone else who will appreciate it.

2. Try to maintain your regular workout routine. Regular exercise will keep you fit and centered while attending those holiday parties.

3. Block some time for yourself. Don’t forget to pamper yourself and maintain your sense of peace during this time of the year.

I hope that these tips will help you keep your stress level down to managable levels. I am looking forward to continuing this journey called life with you. Stay blessed!

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