To Train or NOT to Train…that is the QUESTION

Oftentimes, when people think of getting in shape or losing weight, one of the first options is personal training.  So, we go out to the gym and find a personal trainer who’s right for us, pay them a lump sum of money, only to attend a week’s worth of sessions.  Then in the end, we have 1) wasted money and 2) not reached the goals we set out to reach.  Truthfully, personal training is a very lucrative business, thanks to the many women and men who choose to go this route, for whatever the reason may be.  So as a trained professional, who genuinely has a passion for helping YOU live your best life yet, I feel obligated to give you the pros and cons of personal training.  I say this simply because personal training is not always the best option for everyone.


1.       One to one training atmosphere: this is good for people who may either be uncomfortable working out in a big group or who desire a very intimate environment.

2.       Someone who is personally keeping you accountable for your actions: if you prefer “in your face” type training, personal training is good for that.

3.       Personalized plan just for you: working with a trainer, you will receive a plan that is personalized just for you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits possible.

4.       Maximum Safety is ensured: when training on a one on one basis, the trainer’s responsibility is to watch you…and only you to make sure you are performing the exercise safely with the proper technique.

5.       Greater chance of achieving your desired results: with the one-on-one training, it is your trainer’s responsibility to provide you with the best possible plan in order to achieve your desired results.

6.       Have the opportunity to work from the comforts of your own home: many personal trainers have no problem doing in home training


1.       Very expensive: Personal training can range anywhere from $20/per hour (that’s on the low end) to well over $100 per session.  These prices do not include your regular gym membership prices.

2.       Very small support system: It’s just you and the trainer; you do not have a buddy system in place in the personal training setting.

3.       Very intense: Personal training can be very intense and if you are not ready for that type setting, then your chances of sticking with it are slim to none.

4.       Can get bored with it easily: If you like variety, it may be hard for you to stick with a personal trainer.

5.       Strict Policy: Chances are you will not be the trainers only client, therefore, they normally have a very strict schedule with no room for tardiness or “make up sessions.”  If you are not a very timely person, this setting can result in money lost.

So, before you jump and hire a personal trainer, urge you to explore your options; and figure out what method will be best for the results you want to achieve.  Remember, this is just like buying a car, you don’t pick the first one on the lot…you explore until you find the best fit for you!

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