Why Your Prayers Are Powerless Over Your Money

For a while I wondered if I should discuss religion. After all, our religious beliefs, or lack thereof, can strongly influence the way we manage our money. Still, religion is a sensitive issue.

There are people far more intelligent and emotionally stable than me who’ve been reduced to physical violence because they made the foolhardy decision to challenge another’s beliefs. Well I for one will not be making such an idiotic mistake.

Or will I?

So, here’s the problem: God ≠ Genie.

I’ll admit I’m not above asking God to help me locate my keys. Interestingly enough, the “Bless me to find my keys” prayers have all but stopped since I started hanging them on the key hook by my entrance door. As it turns out, I have a lot more control over my ability to leave the house than my daily key prayer suggested.

Our finances are no different. I’m not saying you shouldn’t ask God for the desires of your heart, but can you give Him a hand? I know someone whose business has performed poorly for the last few years. When I ask this individual what their plans are to get new clients, they rarely deviate from, “I gotta start believing in God for financial increase around here.” That’s fine. But what happened to marketing, budgeting and strategizing? What about a plan?
Well over a decade ago, I heard my hometown pastor say something that shaped my approach to solving almost all of my adult problems.

“You do what you can in the natural, and let God take care of the supernatural.”

I’ve yet to meet, or even hear of someone who obtained financial wealth simply by believing in it. You might be able to give me an example of such a person, but I know the overwhelming majority of financially successful people did more than pray for monetary wealth.

In fact, praying can be indistinguishable from wishing. In some instances, prayers are nothing more than feel-good fronts for inaction. I won’t belabor the issue. It’s clear where I stand. Where do you stand

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