Confidence and the Black Woman

Unfortunately we as Black Women get up almost every day having to prove to the world that we can do the same things a White Woman can.  Our difference, more fortitude and forth righteousness, but why should we have to?

Well, unfortunately, we have to because history has thus far not caught up with reality. The meaning of the words “equal in the eyes of the law”, does not mean a thing when it comes to having to deal with people one on one and face to face. Still, in this day and age, Black Women find themselves not only having to compete against White Women with the same credentials in the work place, but everyone else who stands between them and the lamp post.

Black men have had to battle this form of racism for many years, and now that the Black Woman “has arrived” so to speak, they have to deal with it as well. It seems as if the more we climb, the more we still pull each other down back into the crab bucket. Women of all races should be pulling together just to get WOMEN in general where we deserve to be —  on equal standing in society. Yes, women have come a long way, but we have a very long road still ahead of us and seem to be back pedaling.

When it comes to self-confidence in our personal lives, now that’s a whole notha’ kettle of fish. Black women have an outward appearance of being some of the most confident women out here. But are we? I beg to differ. Although there are a huge number of confident women in our midst, when you truly get down to it and have a personal conversation, you will find, probably, and unfortunately, at least 7 out of 10 times (just an arbitrary number I am throwing out) that the woman you are talking to has some form of self-confidence issue.

Society has no doubt helped to foster this feeling in many of the women who have unknown negative feelings about themselves. Our Black Men don’t always treat us the way they should. Our bosses certainly don’t boost our level of Queenliness. And yea, unfortunately, even other Black Women tear us down every chance they get, even if only in a joking manner. This is no joking topic. We must learn to embrace our Blackness (I know, that is an entirely different topic), and we must learn to nurture it in those around us whom we deal with on a daily basis.

The rising number of domestic violence cases in this country is staggering. Black Men beating Black Women, and vice versa, Black Women even beating and abusing Black Men. Yes…it happens more than you probably know. Being a Mean Black Woman, does not get one loved. Being a Wonderfully Powerful and Self-fulfilled Woman of Confidence does.

Just how do we go about doing that? I am not quite sure it can be taught to and individual. It is something that we as a group must know have to happen so that we are all on the same page. A solid page of confidence in a book of love and expressive knowledge about one’s self. It could be a best-seller if we let it be. I am still a student in this class myself, but I am learning and have taken several steps toward knowing that it can and will be done. I have confidence in it.


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  1. Char B says:

    “S.K.I.R.T.S. in the boardroom” by Marshawn Evans is an excellent book that speaks about how to gain confidence as a woman in work, life, home, etc.. Thanks for sharing this important topic.

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