Don’t let our little girls grow up too fast!

While on the job hunt, I came across an article from a brother (L. Z. Granderson) who talks about how society has made little girls grow up too fast.  He laid equal blame on both the mothers (and retailers) who dress their daughters as though they are heading out to the club.

Come on sisters, why do we need to dress our daughters that way?  I mean having a pair of earrings or maybe some lip gloss is perfectly fine in my book, but do we need to have the word “Juicy” written across the back of a 7 year old girls jeans?  And for that matter, did we raise enough of a stink when Wal-Mart marketed the underwear in the Juniors department that had “Who Needs Credit Cards” in the front?  I think we did, but the message has not reached other retailers that we don’t want our little girls dressed like hookers.  Or do we?

You see, we have moms out here who dress their daughters like them.  They choose to  be their daughter’s BFF, not their mom.  This drives the retailers to continue to market this inappropriate fashion.  We need to stop trying to be our child’s friend and start being their parent.  Moms this  means stop trying to dress like your daughter;  or better yet stop trying to dress your daughter like you.  If you want to see the brother’s article, please watch the video below:

Let’s let our daughters be children for as long as we can, for childhood goes by too fast.


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