Earth Day 2011

What is Earth Day?
It’s a day to promote awareness and appreciation for the environment. It’s also a day to promote a green awareness. Earth Day started on April 22, 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in an efforts to force the issue about protecting our environment. Since this, his vision has impacted thousands of organizations and people all over the world.

Everyone can get involved, even kids. To kids it’s fun to let them know that Earth Day is like a birthday, and help them celebrate by doing something positive that will benefit the environment, like eating their vegetables, cleaning their room, watering a plant or turning off lights that are not in use, even encouraging them to use only the water they need and not let it run longer than necessary.

Earth Day has inspired many organizations and people all around the world from politicians to celebrities. We live here on this earth, and it’s a duty for each of us to contribute in some positive way towards the earth’s environment.

Ways to Help
There are several ways to help the earth and the environment. One way is to eat a more healthy green diet. Another way is to raise awareness about earth day by means of various forms of communication.

Here are just a few more ways:

1. Attend an Earth Day Rally in Your Community CLICK HERE
2. Recycle Your Stuff/Items in Your Home
3. Take advantage of Volunteer Activities related to Earth Day. A lot of this information can be found on your local news website.
4. Post comments/blogs and get the word out
5. Donate your time and money towards Earth Day
6. Check out local events and activities in your area in the newspaper/online
7. Buy a plant or give one to someone else as a gift.

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