Musings while on the job hunt

It is a new month, and while I am glad that April is finished there were some events during the month that begs to be remembered as a learning experience. The biggest one is that I lost my job of 16 years putting me in a very rough job market here in the Southeast. On a positive note,t I I do have the experience if I choose to continue on in that same industry. Another positive, is that I have one year and a half to go before I complete my bachelors degree.

Of course with the support of my husband, we will make it. I have a decent settlement package and  I have updated my resume with the help of my college’s Career Center.  I also registered with and and started applying for open positions. Of course it helps to have a good support system with family, friends and your sorority sisters (and brothers!) behind you. So far the only responses have been for positions that I know is not my forte, sales.

The best advice that I can give my sisters and brothers who are looking for a job is to keep you head up high and don’t settle for the first job just because they made you an offer. Do some volunteer work, you never know who you might meet (great advice from an old high school classmate!), get out of the house every so often, don’t forget to exercise and eat right, and don’t get discouraged, there is something for you out there. Stay blessed everyone!

Have you been unemployed during these hard economic times?  What did you do to stay motivated?  What advice can you give to make someone to make them stand out in the crowd?



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