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Our latest GoodBrother! is Blogger Wisdom is Misery.  He will be featured as a guest blogger for SistersSpace next week.  WIM has an incredible writing style that is both reflective and insightful. My favorite post are from WIM is Are Modern Men Too Lazy to Court.

Tell us about you. Editor note: He talks in 3rd person. :)

Wisdom Is Misery aka W.I.M. is a 28-year-old male born and raised in the great state of Texas where after running and surviving the mean streets of the suburbs he obtained his Bachelors in Business. There are additional miscellaneous details to his upbringing, but what is important is W.I.M. was born in the 80s. Thus, according to most generic, stereotypical assessments of his generation – often the best to draw vast conclusions from – W.I.M. should be: spoiled, of average education, lack focus & discipline, extremely apathetic, narcissistic, lazy, and in constant need of unearned praise and affection. W.I.M. is currently unmarried, has no kids and owns no pets, which many have theorized are ominous examples of his inability to commit. Lastly, he is a Scorpio. Clearly, there is no saving him.

Why did you start your blog?

I had been writing on-line for years on a number of websites under a variety of pseudonyms. A lot of friends and family thought I had the talent to write professionally so I finally broke down and started my own website. I also focused my writing under one name, WisdomIsMisery. I’m not where I want to be yet but it has been a great experience and my site views and audience continue to expand; therefore, I assume I’m doing something right.

What post have you written that every woman should read?

Why He Married the Regular Girl and The Good Girl vs. Bad Girl Conundrum are post that have been highly viewed by both sexes.

What is the best advice you can give to women?

When it comes to relationships, at least in the beginning, let logic guide your decisions not emotions. I think it’s easier to get lost when following emotion over logic. Save emotion for once youve move into/towards a relationship.

You have a very nice portfolio on your page.  Do you model professionally?

No, but I would if asked.

Your pictures show your versatility.  Is this art imitating life?

I hope so.

Last book, you’ve read.

I Alex Cross by James Patterson.

Favorite quote.

I have a lot but one I heard recently: I’ve worked hard for everything I have but I don’t have everything I worked for. – Mike Tyson

If you could invite one sister to dinner who would it be.

Soledad O’Brien. As a journalist I think she’d be interesting to talk to and she is also easy on the eyes.

If you’ve enjoyed this interview, please come back next week to read his guest post “Why Women Should Make the First Move” ,  or check out his blog, Wisdom Is Misery.

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  1. Katryna says:

    “When it comes to relationships, at least in the beginning, let logic guide your decisions not emotions.”

    This one sentence could have saved me years of frustration. But I’m glad I just read it.

    I look forward to your guest blog!


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