Keep on keeping on after a setback

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In April, I lost my job of 13 years after some setbacks in the workplace. While I do admit to having a “pity party” for at least a couple of days after I was escorted out of the building by Human Resources.  Once adjusted to my fate, I let those people who had once emailed me at my previous place of employment to utilize my personal email address. This was a good thing because they promised that they would keep an eye out for any job openings in my current field. A couple of my contacts also advised me to look out for any volunteer opportunities within the community. Also, I made use of the university career center where I attend school; they are a great resource to use if you are a current student or a recent graduate.

Now, how does one not drown themselves in pity while coming back from a setback?  Try these methods:

1. Volunteer to work for an organization that you didn’t think about doing while you were working or in school. You may make a contact that you never thought you might meet.

2. Don’t use alcohol or drugs to make the problem “go away” or more bearable. If you need to talk with someone and you think your friends would not understand, try a family member who has been through it or your minister.

3. Take care of who you let into your circle of friends. You don’t need any negative friends keep you from achieving your goals or pulling you into their negativity.

4. Last, but by no means least, please take care of yourself. If you feel like a pedicure, then by all means, if you can afford it get one. Get plenty of rest, surround yourself with positive friends and family members and don’t forget to eat healthy meals.

These suggestions are just a few that I have found that have worked for me as I go through my job search. I would love to hear suggestions from others that have gone through this or is going through it and how you coped. Stay strong my sisters!

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  1. Trina says:

    I am a single mom who experienced being laid off from work. It bothered me because at the same time, my long time boyfriend decided that he wanted to be single and no longer wanted to be part of our little family. I almost sunk into an abyss of depression with no return. I finally had to revamp somethings and be resourceful. I have a love of writing…so I started doing research proposals, business proposals, etc. It has been hard but it was affording me to pay my bills. Then, I was hit with another blow when my purse was stolen with just about every cent I had. I have tried to stay positive and continue to make a way for my family without asking for help. The hard part of it all, is that I pushed it to the limit to finish school and make sure that I would be able to support my family and that has all backfired. I am currently looking to volunteer in different places while trying to obtain my supervision hours to sit for the LPC.

    You have made some valid points of things to do in the meantime.


  2. Katryna says:

    Don’t forget about staffing agencies. A lot of companies use temps and then hire them. Even if you don’t get hired, a few weeks of being in an office will keep you in “work” mode and fresh for interviews, and you can make more connections and get further leads for new jobs. Not to mention that some money is better than none. Hang in there ladies!

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