The Single Girls’ Guide to Summer Fun

All the single ladies, summertime is upon us, and it’s around this time that we get a little depressed, if not nauseous, at couples strolling along the promenade, picnicking, and holding hands at the mall.  As luck would have it, our bestie just hooked up with that hottie from the gym.  This means, more time for the hottie, less time for us.  What’s a single girl to do?  Well, being single isn’t that bad, there are tons of things to do.  Now, if we can all just pry ourselves away from Facebook, we can go out and meet someone face to face.  Here’s how:

1.         Volunteer

Find a cause and contribute a few hours this summer to making your corner of the world a little better.  Nothing is more fulfilling than helping others.  So get out there and help someone; teach someone; and learn about yourself in the process.

2.         Join a social group

If you like meeting new people and networking, joining a social group might be right for you.   At no cost, you can join and become a member of as many groups as you like.  If you live in New York City, provides weekly updates, and offers a wide variety of group activities for the single population.  Also, check our websites such as, where you can filter activities by state.  Dare yourself to join and experience something new.

3.         Go to church

I’m not advocating going to church solely for the social activities.  However, active churches offer something for everyone and the opportunity to get involved.  Most importantly, while you’re single is the perfect time to nourish your soul and foster a relationship with God.   If you’re Christian, please be sure to seek a bible believing church, if you do not have a church home.

4.         Open your home

Invite your sister-girls over and host a makeup party, a girls night-in, or a game night.   This is an awesome way to bond with your circle of sisters and appreciate their company.  In addition, if you host your make-up party with Mary Kay or Avon, you might give some business to a local consultant.

5.         Pamper yourself

Staycations are great!  Check yourself into a hotel, engage in some rest and relaxation, and explore a new part of town.  I normally seek out new hotels that will open in the near future (with a month or two) so I can take advantage of introductory, discounted rates.  Be careful, opening dates often change and you risk getting bumped into another hotel.  Be sure that the hotel you choose will definitely be open for the dates you desire.  While on your solo adventure, force yourself (within reason) to engage with those around you, ask for direction.  You might make a new friend, or learn something interesting about your environment.

Have fun!

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