The “M” Word Is Not Forbidden

How do you question your mate about marriage without applying pressure?  Many of us have been in this situation and it is a legitimate topic to address.

It’s been said that questioning a mate about their intent for the future of your relationship, is applying pressure to marry, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Today women are plagued with trying to remain independent, and silently longing for more from a relationship.
If you’ve been in a relationship for well over a year, when is the best time to bring up marriage?  Do you not bring it up, in hopes that he will?  Knowing your partner is the key to making this conversation go a lot smoother.  Communication in any relationship makes for a promising future.  Let your partner know how you are feeling about your future together. Also inquire about their feelings in regards to your future; doing so will help when the topic of marriage arises. You both will be well aware of the other perspective.

Stay true to yourself as well as your partner. If marriage is not something that you foresee in your future, then say so, and expect the same in return.  After all “knowing is half the battle”, and what you don’t know can hurt you.  Everyone has the right to know what their future holds. Why should the topic of marriage be excluded?  Communication is the key to all successful and healthy relationships.

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