Happiness on Memory Lane

Happiness is a state of mind

It makes it easier to be kind

Your inside sings with the joy it brings

As your stress goes down is a wonderful thing

The security that all is well will have your story

That you need to tell

Sharing the smiles inside your heart

Brings your visions alive is really smart

Laughing just because of the old memories

And what they were

Even though today those things would be absurd

Knowing your spankings has long since stopped

No longer on your buttocks you hear the pops

Now that you’re fully grown

It’s nice to reminisce and visit home

I’m happy to see another day

As I stroll through life along the way.


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  1. Virginessay says:

    Very interesting post. I like so much your post . I agree your all points of Happiness on memory lane. I am really happy to say thanks for sharing this post.

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