Analyze This! Self Reflection for 2011

It’s August, and now is a great time to assess the progress you’ve made so far.  Doing some housecleaning now will help you feel better at the end of the year.  It’s time to  readjust or change your goals, evaluate your colleagues, and make some changes.  Companies do it all the time, so why not be the ultimate CEO and take charge of your life. 

At this point, assuming you haven’t been the victim of extenuating circumstances, you probably fall into one of three groups:

(1) you created a detailed manifesto in January, and you’re on track with planner in hand;

(2) you had a vision, procrastinated and failed to execute; or

(3) you just decided to wing it through 2011.


If you’re in group (3), stop reading and choose one thing you would like to accomplish by December.  If you’re in group (2), it’s not too late.  Choose the goal that’s most achievable, break it down into simple tasks and set milestone dates.  As long as you’re taking steps towards accomplishing this goal, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment at the completion of each task, boosting your confidence to start the next.  If you’re in group (1) give yourself a pat on the back and one star for each goal you’ve accomplished.  For the rest of us, below are a few pointers to get us through the next four months.

 Aim for progress over perfection

You don’t have to cross every goal off your list by the end of the year.  Some things might be unachievable during this season of your journey.  Such goals might need to be placed on hold and revisited in the future.  As long as you’ve grown and improved compared to the past, that’s all that matters.

Always be prepared

Edna Mood’s famous quote from the Incredibles is, “luck always favors the prepared”.  When preparation collides with opportunity, it takes you one step closer to your destiny.  For example, if you want to be a writer, then write every day.  Write when you’re happy; write when you’re sad; write about everything, and write for free.  When you stumble upon the editor of your dreams and you’re asked for writing samples, you’ll have tons to choose from.


Seek out events and connect with others with similar interests.  If you have a busy schedule, try virtual networking.  Some people refuse to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) because they don’t want to be monitored.  The reality is, we’re being monitored all the time, independent of social media.  When the bank disables your card because you made a purchase at a store you don’t normally make purchases, you’re being monitored.  So, go forth and network in 140 words or less.

Although there’re only four months left, don’t panic.  There’s more than enough time for improvement, preparation and networking, and there’s always next year.

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