Walk in Love. It’s Dangerous Not to!

About a year ago or so, I called up a friend to ask him when his birthday was. Being his friend for almost eight years, I thought I’d do something special for him as I do for all of my friends on their birthdays.Being an artist, I had intentions to give him something that I only I could give; a self-portrait.

I simply asked, “When is your birthday?  I’d like to do something for you”. He replied with a prideful remark “For who, me? Do you know who I am (or what so-called status he held)?” I was like, WOW! Seriously? He acted as if anything I could do for him was too small and unnecessary and that I was in no way qualified or worthy to do anything for him.  Now that is what you call ARROGANT PRIDE!

I always return these prideful comments with kind words, but in my mind, I was thinking something totally different. This is what I really wanted to say, “I’m glad you asked! because you’re NOTHING without God”. I believe  he had this attitude that he could say anything to me and I would take it because I’ve always turned the other cheek and walked in love towards him. When you’re truly living saved, many times people will take your kindness for weakness simply because you’ve decided to walk in love. They will test you. They believe that since they can get away with smart remarks and mean and hurtful words, that they’ve acquired an advantage over you.

However, you being much wiser should hold on to the fact that you are working to make Heaven your reality someday and you should never allow anyone to shake your foundation. Not only that, but vengeance belongs to the Lord. Some people believe that if they achieve a particular worldly status, that they are then qualified to look down on their fellow man, but the bible says in Proverbs 16:18  that “pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”.

Please don’t ever think more highly of yourself than you ought. It’s actually quite dangerous.



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