Time to go back to school!

A few years ago, Staples had a commercial that used the tune; “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”   It showed a father happily running around the store on a cart while his two children walked very slowly behind him. Remembering this commercial struck me as funny as I was in that store the other day looking for my back to school supplies.

This is the time of year that has parents of college freshman flooding the stores for the “Back to Campus” sales and parents of younger students looking for those school supplies with school lists in hand. Even the media has jumped on the bandwagon; my local paper even had an article in the “Life” section about the type of backpack that a student selects determines their personality.

I remember back in the day that back to school shopping not only included the usual stuff like new clothes, but a new lunchbox (remember the old boxes?). There was no complicated lists that the school gave you that the student needed in elementary school.

When you got to Junior High (that’s Middle School to you younger people!) then you needed items to decorate and secure your locker as well as a calculator for Algebra I class. Of course that didn’t cover items you needed if you participated in sports or music.

When you got to high school, your list got a little longer, but by that time you were looking for that part-time job to pay for such things as a car, field trips with any groups that you were involved with and of course, dating. Items that we need today such as computers and supplies were not available to the general public back then.

Okay parents, what do you do to get your children ready to go back to school? Do you spend a day shopping or let your children loose on the mall with their friends? I would love to compare notes. Stay blessed my sisters!

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