Any Excuse Will Do

If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.  ~  Norman Vincent Peale

Trying something new can be a daunting task.  We think about it and think about it until finally we talk ourselves out of what we set out to do.  We tell ourselves that, I will start tomorrow, or next week or next year; that now simply isn’t the right time:  I just had a baby, we can’t afford for me to finish my degree or we just bought a house.  Any excuse will do to placate our mind when in actuality our mind doesn’t need placating.

Oftentimes we remain immobile because we are fearful of the outcome…we are fearful of failure and some of us are really fearful of succeeding.  When we finally do get moving, things seem to start flowing smoothly but the key is of course the movement.  We were told as small children that it is impossible to please God without faith.  Well, part of having faith is stepping forward with what you have right now and get going.  You may not have all the answers at your fingertips when you start, but trust me as soon as you start, you will know within yourself which way to turn.  You won’t need to ask your mother, your father, your friends, your siblings or your mate.  YOU will know.

Isn’t that exciting?  So, tell me…what are you putting off today that you’re not sure of?  You can get it done!


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