Remember When

Do you remember when

 You were my King, and I was your Queen

Do you remember when

you loved the many shades

and the deep richness of my sun kissed skin

Now you ignore me and tell me that

I should do more to blend in

Do you remember when they tried to tear you down

And it was my unconditional love and understanding

That built you back up

Now my strength makes me an angry black woman

And according to you, my love is too tough

Don’t you remember that we were all each other had

But you don’t want me anymore, and you have the

Audacity to wonder why I’m mad

Do you remember when it was all about black love

Because it was me and you against the world

Now you look at my full lips and curvy hips

And tell me that I am too ethnic looking to be your girl

I remember when you were my King and I was your Queen

I remember when you loved the many shades

And deep richness of my sun kissed skin

I remember when you wanted me in your life

And to be your wife because my unconditional love

made you grow strong

I remember when no one understand why you were angry but me

Because it was you and me against the world

I remember when you loved me beyond rhyme and reason

Because you were my King and I was your Queen

Do you remember any of these things

Or have they been forgotten, lost in translation over time

Just know that I remember enough for the both of us

And I patiently await and pray for your return

Because you will forever be my King

And I will forever be your Queen

Do you remember back then

Because I remember when

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  1. Shannon Driskell says:

    Beautiful 😉

  2. Jamie says:

    EXCELLENT! Great job! :-)

  3. Monique says:

    Beautiful Inspiration about “Black Love”

  4. Marie says:

    I totally agree. That’s the issue I have with inter-racial relationships. Somewhere along the way we’ve become “not good enough ” and we have to compete for their attention. We have to be like the women they’re chasing and even after all that he still ends up going to them. Fortunately, I haven’t had that happen to me so its not another “angry black woman” more like a disgusted sistah. What I can’t stand is ignorance. They don’t see that these women want to be like us. Injections in lips and butt, nonstop tanning and hip hop classes to dance like us. Instead of the real thing, they go for an imitation. It use to be “once you go black, you never go back ” but I came up with my own. Once he goes white, he thinks he’s alright. I tell you this, we still have some black men that are still checking for us but those men that are weak minded and just jumping on the band wagon will never have my respect.

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