New Love – The Newborn Syndrome

For all my mothers out there, do you remember when your first child was born? The pregnancy was full of fear, excitement, and angst for the changes that are bound to take place.  The labor a mix of pleasure and pain, and the arrival of a precious little one…well words cannot express the joy.

He is like a little piece of heaven in your arms.  You want to hold him. You want to protect him.  You spend the first few months sheltering your baby from other people, and their germs.  You barely shower, or answer the door…because you don’t want to miss out on a moment.

Family and friends tease you because they haven’t heard from you in weeks.  When they see you, you are all smiles; you have a new glow about you.  You are caught up in the moment.

I experienced this love before with my son, and I am experiencing it again in my new relationship.

Initially, I was going to do as my friend – a fellow blogger did… apologize for my hiatus and downplay my genuine happiness.  But I’m not.  My relationship is no longer fragile, it’s growing and maturing.  And now, I’m ready to share myself with the world again.

If you are newly in love or recently married:

  • Embrace it.
  • Enjoy it.
  • And keep a little something to yourself.

Over the last few months, countless friends and acquaintances have gotten engaged, announced pregnancies or celebrated nuptials.  New love is a beautiful thing.  It’s even more beautiful looking from the window, than trying to get a front row seat on their couch.  I don’t need to know all of their business to be happy for them, and no one needs to know all of mine.

I used to be one of those people that felt like I needed to share everything with everybody.  When you share too much, you become a slave to the opinions of others.  You don’t want it to affect you, but it does.

So, I’m trying something new with this baby (love).  I’m not soliciting or heeding the advice of others as my main source of care giving. I will let my experiences and intuitions guide me.

What is the best advice you can give to someone new in love?

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  1. Shawanda says:

    Yep. Now, I don’t even bother apologizing anymore when I disappear. I just reappear totally shameless and without apology.

    When it comes to new love, I say enjoy it. Those first moments together are precious. What you’re feeling now won’t last forever. Eventually, euphoria fades away and you settle in. The next stage is nice too. You don’t have to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up in the morning and you can fart whenever you want.

    No? Too much? It’s just me, huh?

  2. OHM says:

    The post-bliss stage should be be a balance of your unique experience and wisdom and that of tried and true relationships that have worked. No sense in learning the hard way from people in bad relationships or divorces that their advice may be misguided. But learn from those that have made love truly last.

    I agree, it can be lovely to settle in…darting is just one of the many perks of mature love. 😉

  3. San says:

    Enjoy it but don’t lose yourself or your relationships with others in the process. I’ve made the mistake of forgetting to take time out for myself and develop other relationships in the process of cultivating my new love. Either I was studying or being in love, and I missed out on undergrad for the most part. But I assume most of us on here have been in love more than once, and have discovered this secret already

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