The Lesson Roland Martin Taught Me

In July, I turned 30.  Last year, I created a bucket list of all the things I just had to accomplish before turning thirty.  Proudly I can say many of the things on my list, I have accomplished.  I am prouder that I know my list was a guide and not the measure of my happiness.  A friend of mine said that I am afraid of failure and the thought that I would have a breakdown if I did [fail].

I commemorated my birthday with various trips, dinners, and celebrations.  The first celebration was with my sisters.  They took me to the Essence Music Festival.  This was my first trip to New Orleans and the festival.  We started our trip in Jackson Mississippi. My sister and her husband live in a rural town and rent a home with 8 acres of land.  Before we left for NO, we went outside and fed the horses and my sister rode on one of the horses.  It was very peaceful and tranquil scene. Once we were in New Orleans, it was definitely a different experience.  The city was alive, and I learned so much over the weekend that it was difficult to determine which lesson I wanted to share.  However, a comment Roland Martin made struck a nerve.

There were a lot of celebrities at the conference, from actors/actresses to authors and army generals.  Roland made a comment about how people (and for this exercise we will call them haters) see the success, but they do not see the struggle behind the person. Chef Jeff Henderson was there.  He has a bestseller; Cooked: From the Streets to the Stove, from Cocaine to Foie Gras! .  He is a renowned chef and prior to this he was in prison for 9 years.  He could have easily left prison the same way he entered, a broken man.  Instead, he chose to succeed.

For my friend that believes that I am afraid of failure – you don’t know my story.  You see what appears to be success, and have no clue of the pain and the sacrifices that I experienced along the way.  Turning 30 has taught me a lot of things.  I appreciate my mistakes. I appreciate my experiences.  But I don’t relish in my past.  I don’t linger in it. I live in the moment. My moment appears as success to some, but it really just a part of the journey.


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