Reflections on being a Grandma

The other day I was asked to babysit my 18 month old granddaughter. Needless to say it was a great experience, but very exhausting! She is at the age where she wants to explore everything either by touching it or by putting it in her mouth. By the time her dad picked her up she had run me ragged.

Thank goodness while I had her one of my Eastern Star sisters called. She is also a grandma and babysits hers during the day when they are not in school. She gave me some great advice which came in good use:

  1. Childproof your home. If you have glass topped tables, when they are there cover them with a blanket and if you can move them to a corner of the room, do it. Be sure to cover your electrical outlets and make sure your sharp items are put away. If you have a television set on a stand in one of your rooms, you may want to close that room off.
  2. Enjoy them while they are at your house. Don’t be so concerned about what your house looks like, as long as it is clean, they don’t mind what your house looks like at all.
  3. If you are able to make any channels a favorite on your cable system, make sure that the children’s channels are right up there with your sports, network, and movie channels. This may come in real handy when you need a moment or two to yourself. Also, find out what their likes, dislikes and interests are and find any DVD’s and toys that will keep them occupied. My granddaughter LOVES Elmo and had a DVD that I got for her first Christmas (which got played at least 1 1/2 times while she was there). I will be adding to this collection in the near future.

I never thought that I would enjoy being a Grandma as much as I do. This little girl has wiggled her way into my heart and I hope that I will be the type of grandma that she can come to when she needs some advice or just want to talk. I also hope that along with her parents and other family members that we can set an example of how she can do anything that she wants to in this life.


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