Some Helpful Hints to Combat Fitness Hair

Sisters are baffled with having to choose between keeping their hairdos tight or keeping their bodies tight. We all know that a relaxer is not meant to be shampooed on a daily basis.  Here are a few tips on maintaining Fitness hair.

  • While working out wear a sweat or headband around your edges. This will soak up some of the moisture from your hairline.
  • Once your work out is over and after you’ve showered, restore the oils that have been lost during your workout through excessive sweating.  First allow your scalp to air out and dry. Then spray your hair with oil sheen or use a hair and body oil. Once you’ve applied the oil wrap your hair in a silk scarf. (Brush your hair into a wrap before putting on the silk scarf.)
  • Sweating often leaves your scalp dry and flaky. There are products that are specifically used to help with dry and flaky scalp. At least once or twice a month, be sure to have a scalp treatment.
  • For my natural sisters, although you are open to shampooing as often as needed, be sure to replenish your hair. Excess shampooing tends to wash away the natural oils of our manes, so be sure to recondition your hair by having regular conditioning treatments as well as using emollients daily to avoid dry brittle hair and breakage.
  • Finally her are a few product lines I live and style by: BioSilk, Keracare, Motions, and Design Essentials.

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  1. Terra C. says:

    I love BioSilk. It leaves my hair so soft.

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