“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity” ~ Henry Hartman

This quote reminds me of the story of Esther in the bible. Esther was an ordinary Jewish girl who had great success in her life because she was willing to prepare (listen, study, and become humble) for her destiny.  How we handle ourselves on the front-end can/will have a tremendous effect on where we end up on the back-end!


Oftentimes, when we are faced with change in our lives we fight against it.  When Esther was captured as a girl by the king to become part of a harem she could have easily shown a side of her that was not lady-like, but Esther knew that by listening to first, her uncle Mordechai and then, the head eunuch Hegai that she could gain wisdom in her situation.  Success comes by listening.  Who are you listening to today?  Are they people who can help you accomplish your goals or are they people who are happy with ordinary?

Next, Esther realized that is was a totally different environment then what she had ever known before.  She determined within herself that if she was going to be stuck there she might as well learn everything there was to know to become a success in her endeavor.  She had to undergo six months of treatment of Myrrh.  Myrrh both removes impurities and softens the skin.  Surely after the first month Esther probably thought to herself that it doesn’t take all this!  Six months of this treatment is way too long!  But Esther had a goal in mind.  She was determined to study to the end to obtain her end-destiny.  Are you willing to stick it out to the end?  Are you willing to make that four year sacrifice to get your degree?

Thirdly, Esther had to endure another six months of beauty treatment learning about perfumes and cosmetics.  Esther became so saturated with the perfumes that if she just moved her head her fragrance preceded her.  Is your fragrance a smell that you want to precede you?  Do you have a reputation of following a project through to complete?

Finally, Esther humbled herself and listened to the head eunuch who was in charge of all the girls.  When her time came to meet the king she knew that is was her chance to impress.  All her hard work had come to this.  She was allowed to take whatever she wanted with her into the king.  See most girls took what they wanted after their encounter with the king because they figured, “He’s not going to pick me anyway so I might as well get what I can get for me”.  Esther had a more excellent plan.  She asked the authority!  Who knew the king’s desires better than someone who had observed him for years?  The king loved Esther more than any other woman?  Why, because she humbly listened to those wiser than her.  Prepare to meet your opportunity!

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