Are You A Talker?

It has been said that I am a “talker”.  I must say, I agree. I love to give my opinion on just about any subject, whether I am an expert in it or not, it doesn’t matter, so long as I can chime in when appropriate.

There are lots of people who may think that they are not talkers, but I would not necessarily agree with that at all. There are different kinds of talkers.  There are hand talkers, facial expression talkers, eye talkers, even completely silent talkers (my husband falls in to this category along with a lot of other men).

However, just because you don’t use your voice to speak, this does NOT mean you are not talking. There is a fine line there, but never the less only a line.  Humans are meant to talk, in whichever manner they either voluntarily or non-voluntarily do so. We are Communicators. Non-Verbal Communication may be the largest category of Talkers. Men and Women, Children and Adults, we may be opposites, but at some point in time we merge and have a meeting of the minds, whether we enjoy the other’s chosen field of talking is irrelevant in this discussion.

The fact that we are communicating is what the subject at hand is. When there is a heated discussion, words are the center point. When there is hurtful one-sided discussion using the voice, there may be a combination of various forms of “talking” being used. Hand talking and gesturing can be quite animated (I tend to use this lot). I like to talk to people who talk like this, others may find it distracting and disturbing. Hand talking can also be of course, very useful when used in conjunction with a much needed function, such as speaking to a person with a hearing impairment.

It’s actually quite interesting to watch a discussion between two hand gesturing sign-language talkers; it’s an entirely different set of rules and quite fascinating. My point:  just because you don’t talk (not speak, but talk) the way others do, does not mean they are either right or wrong. Almost everything we do as Human Beings defines us. It is what makes us different, and yet…very much alike. So, speak to the hand, and the mouth, and the face, and enjoy it!

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