Thrift Stores: A New Way to Shop!

As a little girl, I loved going to the thrift stores with my grandmother. It was nothing for us to get up bright and early on a cool, crisp autumn morning and head to the local thrift store. I can still hear her high soprano voice asking, “Baby, what do you think we are going to find today?” Oh, the good old days! She would shop and talk with other older women who were looking for a good bargain. I remember when she bought me my first fur coat from the thrift store.   I was so excited about going to school bundled up in fur coat!  Please believe every girl in my class wanted to touch my coat. My grandmother always found   good quality, upscale clothes at a reasonable price. I appreciate our escapades at the thrift stores because it gave me a sense of value and fondness for shopping.  I still remember my Jordache and Chic jeans and other regal items from the thrift store.  Even though it was considered someone else’s trash, it was our great find and treasure.  Sometimes we would come across items with purchasing tags still on them from the area’s high end boutiques. They were often discontinued items. My grandmother stepped into church every Sunday looking like a million bucks! No one ever knew it came from the thrift shop.

During the recession, I have found myself going went back to my roots and exploring the art of “thrifting.”  There is nothing wrong with finding a good bargain at your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other consignment shop. I have even donated my gently used or worn clothing to these retailers as well in hopes that it would benefit someone who wants a good find but not at the high price that comes with it.  On my recent venture, I found a gently used Louis Vuitton wallet, a pair of Sean John denim jeans for my son, and a pair of NEW Steve Madden loafers.  Now these items would have cost me a fortune in a regular retail setting.  Have you tried “thrifting” yet? Here are some ways to get started sharing in the wealth without spending a fortune:

  • Open your mind. “Thrifting” is the new bargain shopping.  According to Wikipedia, “Thrifting is the act of shopping at flea markets, consignment shops, garage sales, etc., in hopes of finding a great bargain on recycled items. “ Forget about paying an arm and two legs for those high end boots you’ve been wanting. Don’t spend your power bill money on that nice blouse. At the end of the day, you will be broke and in the dark.  Those days are over! It’s a recession, remember?


  • Find and explore your local thrift stores.There are several in my area and I enjoy shopping at all of them. I have found one that often gets a special shipment of tall pants from a donor out of Atlanta. For my tall sisters, we know that tall clothing can cost us a fortune. This way I have found what I need without breaking the bank. Also, I frequent one thrift store that donates part of its proceeds to a shelter for battered women and children. Now this is what I call giving back!
    • Give. Yes, it’s that simple. How many times have you looked in your closet and found that tag still hanging from those jeans that you promised you were going to lose 10 pounds so you can get in them? I’m going to be the first to raise my hand. Just recently, I cleaned out my son’s closet and found some gently used clothes that he had worn maybe a time or two only to have a growth spurt so we pushed them to the back of the closet. Just as you are getting a deal when you shop at thrift stores, make sure you are giving back so others can get a deal as well.


I hope these tips help get you started on your journey of “thrifting.”  I have found some unique items from shopping at thrift stores. And don’t forget…One woman’s trash could definitely be your treasure. Happy Thrifting!!


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  1. Mary LaMarr says:

    I really enjoyed reading your story about thrifting in the recession. I have found my self going back to my roots of thrifting and finding really great bargains on Christmas toys and clothing for my grand son , since he is a baby and growing every day. I am finding some really nice baby clothing and shoes that I don’t mind spending the time and money on for him to grow out of in a months time. I am also finding good house hold items among other things. I am happy to say that I love going to the thrift store finding some really good and affordable things without breaking the bank.

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