Does Curly = Pretty?

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?! So because my hair is curly…it makes it pretty as opposed to her hair?
When are we going to just embrace who we are as a people?   What exactly makes my hair “good” and another person’s bad?  If your assumption (which is the lowest form of knowledge mind you) is that my hair or curly hair in general is EASIER to maintain…you couldn’t be more wrong! It takes just as much maintenance and care to take care of curly hair (if not more) than those who have a more coarse texture of hair. We have to moisturize, trim, cover and pray over our tresses just like the next chick!
There is something to appreciate about each woman’s texture…
That is the one thing that I enjoy about natural hair…I can look at different people and see how their hair can do things that mine cant and appreciate that.  ITS FUN! 
I guess the moral of the story is that you should just love what you have. 
If you are caught up in texture that bad…you might as well go on and perm your hair now…..
To all my natural ladies out there that lust after curly tresses…STOP!  Your hair is gorgeous the way it is…its OK!  You dont have to convince me or anyone that your hair is really curly but “something” happened that we never see those curls.  DO YOU BABY!  
Love Your Natural TODAY!
 Big hair
 MY HAIR DOESN’T DO THIS!!! I’m not mad though….I just admire…and remember that my hair is hawt the way God made it….
Till Next Time
Treasuring My Texture :)

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  1. Tracy says:

    I completely understand your question. But I don’t have an answer to it. All of my life I have heard, “you have that good hair”. I have even walked into “black hair” salons and gotten right back up when the stylist said, “I don’t know if I can do your hair. You have that fine hair”. Isn’t a good stylist supposed to be able to work on all hair types…well, maybe not.

    Anyway, “good hair”, “bad hair”, “curly”, “kinky”, straight”, “easy to manage”, “not so easy to manage”…it’s all hair…it’s ALL natural (unless you put some in and it’s artificial, not human), AND
    it’s all ours (even if you did purchase it). By the way, I think your hair is beautiful!

  2. I hear that a lot, too. I wasn’t always natural, but I transitioned a few years ago. I think all of our hair is “good” and most definitely beautiful, but in America we haven’t been taught to care for it properly, so it’s hard to go natural because a lot of women just aren’t sure how. I think comments like this are a sign that black women really want to be appreciated for the beauties that we are. Maybe a good response to those comments is “your hair is beautiful too, however you wear it!”

    And your hair is beautiful!

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