How To Make A New Year’s Resolution That Will Give You Results!

I have received several inquires pertaining to making “good” resolutions and dreaming big enough to even have something to look forward to.

In response,  I have compiled a list of questions I’m asking myself this year and tips on how to create a “stickable” resolution.

Close your eyes and really dig deep for the answer to each one of these questions. After you’ve answered them in your heart, write down the answer.

In reviewing the past year (2011)…

What are you most proud of?

(remember: close your eyes breath deep and search for the answer, write down what you come up with for every single question)

When were you most excited about life this past year? Where were you? Who were you with? What other details can you add to paint a vivid picture?

What dream did you achieve or realize (no matter how big or seemingly small)?

What would you have done differently?

In what area of your life did you allow FEAR to get in the way of you achieving your goals?

How does that make you feel?

What will you do differently to insure FEAR doesn’t get in the way this NEXT year?

Now it’s time to make your 2012 Resolutions!!!

Things to keep in mind when making your resolutions:

1) Choose a Resolution Worth the Sacrifice

You’re changing a habit, the way you think, maybe the way you eat, the way you spend your time etc. It’s not easy to change, so make sure that your resolution is in an area you REALLY want to see results in. If not, you’ll abandon it before the end of January and never look back!

2) Be Specific

Making your goals as measurable as possible is a plus, but if that is not possible at least whittle your goals down to very specific steps you can take. All big goals can be broken up into smaller goals. The point is you must realize that general resolutions don’t speak to the real task at hand. Ex. “I want to get healthy in 2012”. Well, that requires a new meal plan, workout plan, timeline etc. You get the point.

3) Put Pen To Paper

Maybe I’m just old school but I like to WRITE THINGS DOWN! Also, the movement of forming each letter as you physically write the words, incorporating your eyesight to see the ideas form on the page and thinking about what you are writing, a transformation happens in your mind and really cements your the intentions you are writing down into your brain. Some call it Neurological Programming, I just call it Guaranteed to bring your dreams to you that much faster!

4)Make a feasible plan you can live with

Sure you can dream big and shoot for that stars, but it will only be a blow to your self esteem if you can’t keep up the pace. The better idea is to take small achievable steps to your smaller goals to be sure to reach the big goal you’ve set out to achieve this year. (remember if you obtain your goal faster than Dec 2012 you can always dream another bigger, better and bolder dream!)

5) Prioritize

Make sure to put your new Resolution on the top of your list. Remember this quote: “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results” (Einstein) Therefore, if you love a cigarette at night, or love sleeping in instead of jogging, but you clearly stated you want to quit smoking or you want to start working out in the mornings….guess what? You are going to have to put your resolution OVER your comfort zone and comfortable habits. Going back to Tip #1, it’s important you pick a resolution that is worth it to you because it needs to become a priority in your everyday life from this point forward! (p.s. if that sounds too heavy for you, go back to tip #1 and pick a resolution that IS worth it to you.)

6) Stay Focused and Flexible 

Yes, keep you nose to the grind stone, as they say. Stay on track and keep that map in front of you at all times telling you where to go. However, please know that challenges will come, obstacles will arise and detours will obstruct your path.viagra pills Instead of falling apart, plan for them, remain flexible and get back on course as soon as possible.

6b) To piggy back off of Tip #6: If you get off track for a day, week, month or many months, don’t let it throw you off for the rest of the year! Whenever you realize you have veered to far left or right, get back on your path by revisiting your list, timelines and your smaller achievable goals. You’ll be back in the swing of things in no time!

Other Fun Tips & Ideas To Consider:

Get a partner in crime – surely someone in your circle of family, friends or even associates have some similar desires to you. If you can find someone on the same page as you, travel the road together and it can be a lot more fun that way.

Get a Mentor or a Coach – Either find someone who has already achieved that goal you’re setting out to conquer or find someone trained in how to support people to excellence. Having someone hold you accountable can work wonders you can’t even imagine!

Make a Vision Board – I swear by the magic of these things! Don’t forget, Dream BIG!

Engage in Positive Reinforcement- As you break your Big Goal into smaller achievable steps, also incorporate a reward system every time you achieve one of the smaller goals. Just be sure it’s not something that will derail your progress i.e. cupcakes for working out everyday for a month.

What are your resolutions for 2012? I would love to hear them!

Good Luck!

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Love & Light, JCov