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What do you do when everything falls apart at the same time? If you’re Juanna McKenzie, you change your perspective and transform into the epitome of resilience and perseverance. She is the perfect example of the strength of a woman, and the greatness that results when one focuses on outcomes rather than challenges.

A few years ago, Juanna found herself in a traumatic, life changing, valley experience that would leave many of us in despair. She lost her job, many relationships, and her finances. Yet, she held her head high with poise, elegance and grace. She maintained her faith, and never allowed her circumstances to take her to the point of hopelessness. She has risen from the ashes and beaten the odds, all while taking care of the love of her life, Aidan.

Her latest venture serves the dual purpose of business and community development on the island of Antigua. She contributes to her community and promotes her island home through Trip Antigua. Trip Antigua is the ultimate online guide for both locals and visitors. Meet mother, graphics designer, web developer, entrepreneur, and good sister Juanna McKenzie.

How has your valley experience changed your life for the better?

I’m much stronger and believe in myself more. I am learning not to let the negative and judgmental comments from society control my life and my successes. Not saying I haven’t had my days of depression and selfish thoughts of giving up, but then that would just make me a loser. Plus, my son is a great anchor, waking up and seeing his face every morning keeps me going.

What do you hope to achieve with

The goal of Trip Antigua is to be an online search guide that sells Antigua & Barbuda as the “ultimate” tourist and vacation destination. I want persons using the site, not just visitors but locals as well, to see what a beautiful place Antigua & Barbuda is. I want to share my experiences of all the products and services that I am advertising on the site, and not simply offer a list. I want Antigua & Barbuda to become a trending topic in travel and tourism.

How do you deal with the negative, judgmental forces in your life?

I remember something my son said to me, “Mummy if you go out there and see something you want and can’t have it come back home to me ok.” He was just 5 years old then. Also, I got to the point where I had nothing and persons were still envious. A great example that it doesn’t matter what you’re going through. What’s important is how you’re going through. I realized that I was lucky, and still had much to be grateful for. I felt sorry for them.

Do you have any regrets?

Yes and no. I think everyone regrets when they find themselves in trouble, but I guess that was supposed to happen for me to wake up and start-over. I see new opportunities every day, and I love what I do now. I loved my job before, but now I enjoy work. I look forward to waking up every day, because it doesn’t feel like work.

Would you change anything about your past?

Hmmm….not sure if I would change anything. Well, maybe I would be a little more verbal about my wants and needs. I have a very estranged relationship with my mother and I think if I could change anything would be my failure to express my feelings to her.

What is your favorite quote?

“I want to put a ding in the universe” – Steve Jobs. I am from a little island 108 square miles.  Can you imagine a feat like that?

What three truths have you learned from your experience?

My son is my world.

Who my real friends are.

I can do anything once I don’t procrastinate….hahaha

What I admire about Juanna is that she is community oriented, fearless, unafraid to paint a new future, and determined to outlast her struggles, true qualities of an empowered woman. Visit her site at

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