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To All of Our Members:
I just want to start off with saying “Thank You!” Our discussion of the book and movie THE HELP on Thursday evening was overwhelmingly successful! The topics were more than I would have imagined in the way of being both enlightening and informative. From some of the feedback we got after the call it was obvious that others thought the same.
We had people in different categories: 1) saw the Movie, 2) saw the Movie and read the book, 3) read only the book, or 4) had not read the book or seen the Movie.
EVERYONE on the call participated in the conversation were of equal importance to the elevation of the discussions, and was very informative. Although we discussed the movie and book, the conversation moved on to an in-depth discussion on racism and its effects on individuals and society. We covered the gamut of how it personally affects us to whether or not we thought racism was inherited or learned.
There were a variety of opinions, all of which were listened to and discussed with great enthusiasm and humility, but without criticism of anyone’s opinions or thoughts.
This brings us to another topic. We at will be looking into the possibility of adding non-book club related live topics of discussion (teleconferences). Perhaps to be held on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We would like for our members to be a part of the decision making on just what those topics will be.
It is our hope that these discussions will bring us together even further and allow each of us to feel we have not only accomplish more of the goals of, but that they will perhaps even allow us to teach one another, hold a hand, or maybe even vent if needed.
Please feel free to contact me at at any time. All emails will be answered within a 24 hour period of time or less.
Thank you once again for your support and eagerness to be a part of   Have a Blessed Day!
Tracy Moring
Sisters Read! Book Club Manager/PR Director

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