I Want To Lose Weight…So I should sleep more?

So I hear sleep is good for weight loss…

Experts say getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night is essential to those of us that are trying to reduce in size. Seems strange…why would sleeping and being completely sedentary help me lose weight?

Well I turned to my friend SCIENCE…because surely there is a reason for such a statement. Turns out that it’s true and here’s why:

There are two hormones that are very important to how we eat: LEPTIN and GHRELIN. Leptin tells your brain when it’s time to STOP eating and Ghrelin stimulates hunger. When you are sleep deprived…leptin goes DOWN and ghrelin goes UP. What does that mean….it means you are hungrier and your body doesn’t have an efficient way of telling you when to STOP. TERRIBLE!

I will be very honest…on nights that I have been out all night….I wake up STARVING and I’ve always wondered why. Well there is a reason right there! It’s not a false sense of hunger either my stomach is really growling and saying EAT SOMETHING NOW! We all know that it’s not hard to ignore hunger pangs….

I also know on mornings after I get sufficient sleep…I literally have to force myself to eat breakfast because I know I need to eat in the morning. I end up eating something sensible because I am not ravenous…crazy right?

Don’t you just love science….there is an explanation for your questions you just have to be bold enough to find it…

Oh yeah if you were wondering why I care so much…I’ve lost seventeen pounds! Three more pounds until my 2nd reward…NEW MAKEUP!

I have come up with a reward system that I can have something new and exciting each time I lose ten pounds…it’s been an effective system. I restrict myself from said item until I reach the goal as well. It motivates me.

Till Next Time,

Sleeping Soundly :)


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