Life: A Gift and a Privilege


A friend of mine who is about twice my age delivered some news to me the other day that truly hit home. Considering the sweet, upbeat and conversational tone she used while posting facebook messages to me earlier this week, I just knew everything was going well in her life and that things were on the up and up. That wasn’t exactly the case. Before I give you the news of her current situation, I would like to lay down a foundation and set the platform for this article. These are things that we are already aware of, but today I truly believe with all of my heart that we should be taking them more serious than ever. I’ve decided to deliver them in list form:

#1: Please learn to LIVE. Not only work to pay the bills or overwhelm your psyche with worry. Learn to say no, but do it in love. Learn to spend a little more on the things that you normally wouldn’t and enjoy yourself.

#2: STOP the arguing. Arguing never solves anything anyway. I used to have a problem with always wanting to get the last word in with people whenever we disagreed on something. Whether right or wrong, just let it go. Life is too short to spend it arguing or to waste time holding anger and unforgiveness. If we can find time to argue, how much more should we find time to pray!

#3: Realize that life is about other people and how you as an individual can enlarge the kingdom of God. Don’t stress out if something you’ve been trying hard for isn’t working. Ask God what it is that he wants you to do with your life and with your time and become fully invested in that. Do more for people than you normally would, but do it with the right motifs. This could include supporting someone else’s vision, giving someone a ride home, babysitting, grocery shopping for someone else etc., Take care of the people of God and he will take care of you.

Now for the news that inspired this article. A friend of mine who is twice my age gave me a shocking story today. A couple days ago she told me that she would be in town and that she would like to meet up with my sister, nephew and I. I told her that I would love to and that it would be nice to see her. Well, I thought that was pretty much it until she dropped the bomb. She told me that she was coming to town to visit her sister who is in the hospital on life support. She went on to say that her sister was scheduled to be taken off of life support today at 3:30 p.m. Georgia time and that she would be leaving behind 4 girls ages 17, 4, 2 1/2 and 1…This was devastating. I began to pray feverishly for a miracle from God and that he would pull her through this and allow her to live. I also prayed for her children. At such tender ages, they need their mother by their side. She is only 40 years old and this truly hit home for me. I know that the word of God says whether we live or die we are the Lord’s (Romans 14:8). It also says that in situations, we will not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord (Psalm 118:17). This is something I believe, therefore, I prayed his will be done concerning her life whether it was life or death. I prayed claiming a miracle.

Her situation with her health seemed to deteriorate so quickly. It hit home for me. It made me realize that life truly is but a vapor and none of us have time to waste and miss out on the blessings God has in store for each and every one of us. It brought me to the realization that I had been wasting time and taking for granted so many things and even a few people. NO MORE. Each day we live is a tremendous gift, a tremendous blessing and a tremendous privilege. We should appreciate the fact that we get to rise each and every morning with our health in tact. I prayed for God to forgive me for those shortcomings and I pray that he spares her life.

I am not aware of her current status, but I do hope that I have yet another prayer answered.


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