Seated with Greatness



This month, my ministry was taken to the next level.

Yesterday I contacted a friend of mine who’s a good 40 years my senior (I’m 24). He’s one of the nicest most well-rounded people one could ever become acquainted with. Some of my readers may know that I recently published my first book. I contacted him concerning my book launch. The book is a Christian Inspirational book, therefore I wanted to have my book launch at a church. When he responded to my message, he told me that he would arrange a meeting with me and the new pastor of the church of God in Christ in my area. My response to that was WOW! How quickly things can progress when you’re in the will of God.

I met with the pastor and we discussed the book and he gave me a date for the book launch that has yet to be confirmed. For me, it was an honor to have been seated with greatness. I’ve never sat with a man who is highly respected and one who holds such a high position to discuss my vision. This was my first time doing something like that, but it was an honor and to be honest I left holding a great amount of responsibility and that was intimidating. I could get used to that.

Because ministry is all about glorifying God through this earthen vessel, we have to fully surrender to God in order to be successful, productive and edifying to the Body of Christ. We have to get ourselves out of the way which means we will have to trust God because all of the limits and comforts are taken away and we have no other choice but to step out on faith.

Right now, I am in a place of full surrender. I have asked the Lord to use me and I have chosen to take the joys with the disappointments and accept the process and the journey in great anticipation of my expected end.

What have you decided today?


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