It is Time to Eat Your Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetable!

June is the month to start shopping for local foods from local farms in the West Georgia Atlanta area. The local Douglasville, Georgia Farmers Market that I go to is a very small and fairly new.   It is only held on Thursdays during the Spring thru the Fall seasons. There were a variety of fresh organic produces and foods such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, sausage, baked goods and so much more.

It is so important to buy from your local farms and small businesses. The quality and variety of the local products at the farmers markets far exceed what one finds in a conventional grocery store. There is no other place to supports ONLY local farmers and local farm products, all in one place. We all benefit by shopping at the farmers markets. When we do shop at farmers markets, we are putting money directly back into the local economy and the produce is fresher. There is a lowering carbon emission from farm to table and you can meet the grower of the foods you purchase. You would be able to learn about how your food is produced, the soil quality and receiving food preparation ideas. Although our farm-focused markets do also offer many specialty items and unique products, they might fall into the category of splurges or special treats. But there are a vast majority of the fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries that are comparable or cheaper at the farmers markets, especially with organics products. Participation by growers at farmers’ markets depends on several factors, including a market’s popularity, location, and management. Customer participation depends primarily on a market’s location, since most customers tend to shop at markets close to where they live. Market success can depend on how attuned the farmer market managers are to customers’ demands and farmers’ interests, and on how well they can satisfy these needs. Ultimately, markets that attract and retain vendors and shoppers are those that satisfy the needs of both. Have you visited your local farmers market today? Try to go this week and feel proud that you have helped your local community!

It is also important to purchase produce foods that are in season.  For the summer season (which is from June thru August) there are produce foods that are at the most peak of flavor and even lower in prices.  Here are the lists below:

Apricots,  Beets,  Bell Peppers,  Blackberries,  Blueberries,  Boysenberries,  Butter Lettuce,  Cantaloupe,  Casba Melon,  Chayote Squash,  Cherries,  Crenshaw Melon,  Cucumbers,  Eggplant, Figs,  Garlic, Grapefruit,  Grapes,  Green Beans,  Green Peas,         Honeydew Melon,  Jalapeno Peppers,  Lima Beans,  Limes,  Loganberries,  Lychees,  Nectarines,  Okra,  Ollieberries,  Passion Fruit,  Peaches,  Persian Melons,  Plums,  Radishes,  Raspberries,  Strawberries,  Summer Squash,  Sweet Corn,   Tomatillos,   Tomatoes,  Watermelon and  Zucchini.

For more information on gardening please check out the Living Healthy website: .  Be Blessed!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Great article! I don’t live far from Douglasville at all and I did not know they have a farmers market! Do you know exactly where it is located? I’d love to check them out this week.

  2. Yes! Finally something about hair transplant.

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