If You Stay Ready: When Your Ability Meets Your Blessing

If you’re like me, you can’t listen to any old song anymore. Harsh words, misogynistic messages, violence and negativity keep me from enjoying music that is deemed popular. For that reason it has been quite sometime since I have heard a song by the popular artist Suga Free. Having said that, Suga Free has a song that I find the idea behind it to be pure genius and I quote him as if he were Confucius. In his song “If U Stay Ready”, he states, “If you Stay Ready, You Ain’t Got to Get Ready”, while I am not sure what the meaning of the song is for the artist, I have personally used that line as a guide for myself in life. I have found times in my life where opportunities have come along and I just wasn’t “ready” to take advantage of what was right in front of me. If you have ever had that experience it’s frustrating and demoralizing. If you are really serious about going from dream to reality then you too can take Suga Free’s advice: “If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready”.


What it Looks Like

Say you’re working as a receptionist but you really want to be a writer, what do you need to do in the morning before work, on your lunch break, after work and on the weekends? That is correct. WRITE! You need to be practice writing, research writers, read books, study grammar, take writing classes etc. The point is every free moment you have you need to be submerging yourself in writing. Why? Because you need to be doing all you can to be as capacitated for your dream as you can be. This is essential because:

1) By submerging yourself in your dream activity you will be practicing “acting as if” your goal were your current reality and you will be constantly visualizing yourself doing the activity, which will bring it to pass that much faster.

2) By taking serious action on your dream, you are sending a message to God that you have unwavering faith that your dreams will come true and that you are willing to do the work to make that happen. That will set the wheels of the Universe in motion making you a magnet for the experience you desire.


Why it’s important to Stay Ready

You never know when an opportunity will present itself. It could be tomorrow, it could be in five years or it could be in five minutes! In the case of our receptionist, what if someone had offered her a book deal? If she had been filling every free moment honing in on her craft, she would be ready for that golden moment. If she had been only wishing and hoping and not doing anything to get ready, that once in a life time chance would have slipped through her fingers. You never know what the future holds, which is why working towards your goal with fervor is never in vain.


Ability + Blessings = The Appearance of Luck

Now that you are Ready, you have the ability to seize your dream the minute an opportunity comes. Many people stay in the wish stage, and wonder why the blessings they have been praying for never come their way. They think, some people are so lucky, they tell themselves like “I am just an unlucky person”. If you find yourself thinking that way then you’ve got it all wrong. The truth is, when a blessing comes along and you have the Ability in place to effectuate that blessing, that is when the appearance of “luck” comes into play. It’s not that a person is lucky, it’s just that they were ready for the blessing when it came and presented itself. Blessings rain down all day everyday and God answers prayers, however we have the free will to either get disciplined and serious about our dreams or to passively wish and hope for a desired outcome.


If your dream opportunity or big break came knocking on your door would you be ready to seize it?  


If no, Why not!?  


What can you do today to get you that much closer to being ready?  


What things would you have to add to your daily routine this month to get yourself prepared?  


What activities, ideas or even relationships would you need to rid yourself to get you on the right track?  


What are you going to do today to Stay Ready so you never have to Get Ready?  


Let me know in the comments below.


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