This will bring tears to your Eyes–MUST READ

After reading this, I pray you will walk in the humility that is needed for this season.
         After so much praying, commitment to reading God’s Word and believing for my new job, I received it last week! It has taken literally years and I am ecstatic. I thank God for his provision. So there was this small amount of paperwork that had to be delivered to my manager before I began work and so yesterday I went into Family Christian Bookstore to drop off the last of it. As I walked into the store I noticed a shopping cart like that of a poor individual sitting outside the front entrance. I walked inside the store and immediately my attention shifted toward this young man who was rejoicing! He was caucasian and appeared to be in his thirties. He was rejoicing like you would not imagine over the fact that he had gathered enough money to purchase him a Bible and a Bible case. This sight nearly brought tears to my eyes. The cashier counted out a great amount of change that he had given her to make his purchase. This held up the line that was forming behind him and he was not the least bit ashamed. He was so elated and I could tell that it made his day. He was rejoicing over that new bible as if it were a gold mine. Well, it is isn’t it! He told the cashier how he was going to be reading Proverbs soon and that he wanted to draw closer to the Lord. Never before had I seen a person that was as humble as he. He quoted… “awe man it doesn’t get much better than this. I’m about as happy as I can be right now.  This is just great!” His humility was out of this world. He walked out of the store smiling from ear to ear and talking about how blessed he was to have his new bible. I saw him speak to two people as he entered the front parking lot to get his shopping cart which held what may have been his only belongings.These people were  total strangers. As he greeted them, he held his bible high in the air as to say “Look what I have now! Look at what the Lord has blessed me with!”….not food, not clothing, not a new pair of shoes, but the Word of God. He was rejoicing over the book that we so often walk passed day after day and take for granted. I saw him walk the entire empty parking lot stopping occasionally to look at his new treasure..his Bible. That humbled me beyond belief. In my perspective, he is much richer than he may appear to others. He now has the keys to the Kingdom of God that declares he has been given a great inheritance and that the Lord has come that he may have an abundant life. I prayed that the Lord increase that young man and that his days of living in poverty have come to end.
This made my week. I thank God he allowed me to witness this and I truly hope that you take from it what you will. Allow it to be a blessing to you and cause you to re-evaluate your life, the things you have and what you aspire to have. Cease to complain and realize that you are BLESSED and by all means act like it. You are rich for the sake of the Kingdom of God in mind, body, spirit, finances and all else that concerns you. This young man truly clarified this for me and brought me to the realization of just how blessed and fortunate I truly am to have a home, a place of employment, my health and strength, and unlimited access to the greatest book ever written… The Bible.

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