“How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?”

Micheal Bolton eloquently wrote the lyrics to a song that symbolizes the pain we feel when people we love walk out of our lives.  He addresses his former love, telling her that she has broken his heart.  He realizes his hopes and dreams have dissipated.  Moreover, the mood of the song expresses his utter confusion over the circumstances and coveys his determination to decide upon his next move.   Many of us have asked the same question, “How am I supposed to live without you?”

Have you ever lost anyone and felt your dreams were shattered?  In some cases, death steals away our loved ones. At other times, broken relationships are the result of infidelity or unresolved issues between couples.  Yet, other kindred bonds are broken because one person decides to walk away.  No matter the reason, each results in pain, but never has to end in dismay.  We should know how to persevere in partnerships and in solidarity.

Relationships with others should add to and spruce up our character, but if left to stand independently, we can still shine.  In a time of brokenness or single-hood, we must hold onto our strength.  We cannot allow our disposition to falter.  And our appearance should be as fabulous as ever.  If “you” leaves, then pause, take a breath, and keep on living an amazing life.  It is stunning to find what marvelous things and people are magnetized toward our sense of amazing.

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