SANCTUARY! Your Home Is Sacred

Photo by Jblaze B

 Once described as a sacred place where one was free from persecution, sanctuary has come to mean a place of solace, refuge.  My home is my sanctuary, a safe haven from the outside world. Negativity consumes our everyday lives, so why do we let it into our homes? I’m not saying troubles won’t sneak in with all of the juggling  we do; kids, work, spouses and other responsibilities. I believe there are huge emotional, psychological and physical benefits to keeping our lives and homes sacred.


For starters let’s declare out loud, “My house is my home and my home is my Sanctuary!” A house is just four walls and a ceiling; a home is the environment we create to provide the solace to decompress from the woes of the world. The four methods I talk about in this will help get you started on your journey to sacred ground.


A Cluttered House is a Cluttered Mind; Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  I know you have been beaten over the head with these quotes, but believe me this is no dead horse. It is AMAZING the relief you can feel from simply letting go. We harbor so much emotional and physical clutter. If you want to begin to let go of some emotional crap, try purging some physical crap! At least twice a year I evaluate my entire home, so I can release the things that are no longer relevant or no longer reflect who I am. These are times my family and friends look forward to so they can get first dibs on stuff they’ve had their eye on. My evaluation is really simple: Do I love it? If no…then do I like it? If no…then let it go. DON’T TRASH IT! Pay it forward and give it to a family member or friend OR donate it to a charitable organization. If you could use the cash, have a yard sale, your crap could be just the treasure someone else is looking for.


Just like personal relationships, we can take our old reliable houses for granted. Experts always advise us to rekindle the love, get back to why you fell in love in the first place. If your home has high ceilings, bring the emphasis back to them with large scale décor: Hang long luxurious curtains that go from ceiling to floor, for example.

Give neglected items a good cleaning. Builders typically paint baseboards, trims and crown moldings with semi gloss paint which makes them super easy to clean. Clean light switch plate covers. These are touched everyday by numerous hands and they become really grimy. Try deep cleaning the details of your home that aren’t done regularly and see what a HUGE difference it makes when once dingy items shine like new again.

Botox your house. Daily wear and tear compound to make you home look OLD. Repairing minor damages, like small holes in the walls and scuffs in the paint can revive the beauty and character of your home. Spackle and paint are to your home as a chemical peal and Botox are to you face.


What are fillers? It’s the pink slime in meat (gross!). Fillers are non-nutritional additives used to stretch food. Look at the items in your home that just fill the space but have no real impact on making it feel like home. Get rid of them; donate or give them away. If you don’t love it… do you like it? If you don’t like it, let it go. 

We all inherently know what our home décor style is even if we never thought about it. When you are in the store and blouse strikes a chord, when looking at a photo frame makes you smile, when a display in a store window sends tingles down your spine, there is your style. Re-Embrace your house. Eliminate attitudes, clutter and even people who are in the way of making your house a haven. Leave the drama for television; keep the negativity outside as much as possible. Exercise your right to solace and make your home your SANCTUARY!


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